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SVOD V4 Programmer VER-4 SVOD4 project Programmer 7adapter +EFI Ribbon Cable
Micro/USB3.0-A Connector
XELTEK SuperPro 6100N Programmer +45adapter & ISP EDID code
10pcs Torx10-T55 L-Type Safety ScrewDriver
AMTECH NC-559-ASM 10g Soldering Flux Halogen Free Welding Paste
SVOD 4 programmer is a universal programmer for various microcircuits.
 Login to Download:  * SVOD Software Download    Macbook ISP Reading & Writing BIOS Tool User Manual    UltraEdit32    SEFI Ribbon Cable ROM Debug Connector Tool for Macbook Operating Instructions    Circuit Diagram for DEBUG pcb128 pins
- port for connecting to a computer: usb 2.0 high speed,
- high-speed ARM7 processor at 480MHz,
- connection to IC: zif 48 + 16 pin connector
- number of input-output ports: 56
- supply voltage: 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.25v, 1.2V, 0.8V.
- work with EC ITE, ENE, NUVOTON, MEC, EPFxxx
Supported protocols:
SPI, I2C, SMBUS, 1-Wire, NAND, NOR, EMMC, JTAG, UART, CAN, parallel synchronous and asynchronous protocols.
Automatic detection of "bad contact" when connecting IC.
SPI ROM cable - Comptible Macbook's list until 2017 year if you use SVOD programmer:
A1534 emc 2746 820-00045, A1534 emc 2991 820-00244, A1534 emc 3099 820-00687, A1370 emc 2393 820-2796, A1370 EMCXXXX 820-2955, A1370 EMCXXXX 820-2955, A1370 820-2855-A, A1465 emc 2558 820-3208, A1465 emc 2631 820-3435, A1465 emc 2924 820-00164, A1304 EMCXXXX 820-2375, A1304 EMCXXXX 820-2375, A1369 emc 2469 820-3023, A1466 emc 259 820-32509, A1466 emc 2632 820-3437, A1466 emc 2925 820-00165, A1466 emc 3178 820-00165, A1425 emc 2512 820-3462, A1502 emc 2678 820-3536, A1502 emc 2678 820-3476, A1502 emc 2875 820-3476, A1502 emc 2835 820-4924, A1398 emc 2512 820-3332, A1398 emc 2673 820-3332, A1398 emc 2746 820-3662, A1398 emc 2876 820-3662, A1398 emc 2745 820-3787, A1398 emc 2881 820-3787, A1398 emc 2909 820-00138, A1398 emc 2910 820-00163, A1398 emc 2910 820-00426, A1708 EMCXXXX 820-00361, A1708 emc 2978 820-00875, A1708 emc 3164 820-00840, A1706 emc 3071 820-00239, A1706 emc 3163 820-00923, A1707 emc 3072 820-00281, A1707 emc 3162 820-00928, A1283 emc 2264 820-2366,A1283 emc 2336 820-XXXX, A1347 emc 2364 820-2577, A1347 emc 2442 820-2993, A1347 emc 2442 820-3059, A1347 emc 2442 820-3017, A1347 emc 2570 820-3227, A1347 emc XXXX 820-3228, A1347 emc 2840 820-5509
KB9010,KB9012, KB9016, KB9018, KB9022, KB9028qc
ITE it8380E programmable
ITE it8380VG programmable
ITE it8386 programmable
ITE it8522 programmable
ITE it8580 programmable
ITE it8585e programmable
ITE it8586e programmable
ITE it8586VG programmable
ITE it8587e programmable
ITE it8589 programmable
ITE it8886H programmable
ITE it8886he programmable
ITE it8985e programmable
ITE it8987e programmable
ITE it8995E programmable
Nuvoton npce288na0dx programmable
Nuvoton npce388na0dx programmable
SMSC MEC1609 programmable
SMSC MEC1619 programmable
SMSC MEC1632 programmable
SMSC MEC1633 programmable
SMSC MEC1641 programmable
SMSC MEC1650 programmable
SMSC MEC1651 programmable
SMSC MEC1653 programmable
SMSC MEC5035 programmable
SMSC MEC5045 programmable
SMSC MEC5055 programmable
SMSC MEC5075 programmable
SMSC MEC1609 programmable
SMSC MEC1609i programmable
SMSC MEC1633L programmable
SMSC MEC5085 non-programmable
Protocol: JEDEC ID (spi25 flash, nand have 5 byte ID, spi NAND have 512 byte ID, nor48,40 have 3 byte id, emmc have 512 byte id, new spi25 have sfdp with 128 byte info).
The mode of displaying POST codes of the laptop motherboard is implemented. Choose the software in the online base of your motherboard, download, select it in the choice of motherboard, connect the motherboard with a loop to the keyboard connector, and read the post codes by running the software in read mode of POST codes.
Package Includes:
1pcs Programmer SVOD Ver.4
1pcs USB Connection cable
1pcs Extended board of ports for keyboard module
1pcs PCB for IDE
1pcs PCB for ene/nuvoton
1pcs PCB with ZIF socket TQFP-128p
1pcs LCD cable tester
1pcs ZIF socket BGA128-0.5
1pcs DEBUG pcb 128 pins
1pcs SPI ROM EFI Ribbon Cable (Hirose12 Hirose30 Molex30 connector)
Flex cables: 34pin, 32pin, 30pin, 26pin (all cables what you see in picture).
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