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18pcs Stencil Direct Heating +BGA Balls Station kit
DC Jack 5.5*2.1mm Power Connector Adapter for Lenovo Yoga Laptop Power Charger
22Pin 7+15 Male to SATA 22P 7+15 Male extension 3.5 & 2.5inch SATA
USB3.0 To SATA 22Pin 2.5Inch Hard Disk Driver SSD Adapter Cable Converter
28plug Universal DC-power Jack Connector +DC_cable
Please note: Due to too many models, the factory can only guarantee 95% model accuracy, about 5% error, please understand!
Package included
1x Heat directly reball station
1x Tin Shaving Pen
1x Desoldering Wick(3.0mm*1.5m)
1x Allen Key
1x 10mm*33m kapton tape
10x 25K solder balls (0.25mm 0.3mm 0.35mm 0.4mm 0.45mm 0.5mm 0.55mm 0.6mm 0.65mm 0.76mm)

1x 18pcs heat-directly stencils kit : 

G86-631-A2 G86-750-A2 MCP67M-A2 216-0810028
G86-630-A2 G86-741-A2 MCP67MD-A2 216-0810084
G86-621-A2 G86-743-A2 MCP67D-A2 216-0772034
G86-620-A2 G86-740-A2 MCP77MV-A2 216-0728018
G86-921-A2 G86-736-A2 MCP77MH-A2 216-0728020
G86-920-A2 G86-735-A2 NF-G6150-N-A2 216-0774001
G86-603-A2 G86-731-A2 NF-G6100-N-A2 216-0774009
G86-613-A2 G86-730-A2 NF-6150-N-A2 216-0774008
G86-213-A2 G86-703-A2 NF-6100-N-A2 215-0767003
G86-102-A2 G86-704-A2 NF-6150LE-N-A2 216-0809024
G86-604-A2 G86-300-A2 NF-SPP-100-N-A2 215-0725018
G86-635-A2 G86-303-A2 NF-SPP-190-N-A2 216-0774207
G86-636-A2 G86-304-A2 SB700 216-0774191
GF-GO7400T-N-A3 G84-975-A2 216-0674026 CG82NM10
GF-GO7300TM-N-A3 G84-950-A2 216-0752001 AC82PM45 SLB97
GF-GO7400-N-A3 G84-751-A2 216-0674024 AC82GM45 SLB94
GF-GO7300T-N-A3 G84-750-A2 216-0674022 AC82GL40 SLGGM
GF-GO7300-N-A3 G84-725-A2 216-0674016 AC82GL40 SLB95
GF-GO7200T-N-A3 G84-726-A2 216-0674028 LE82PM965 SLA5U
GF-GO7200-N-A3 G84-603-A2 215-0674058 LE82GM965 SLA5T
QD-NVS110MT-N-A3 G84-602-A2 215-0674034 LE82GL960 SLA5V
QD-NVS110M-N-A3 G84-601-A2 215-0674042 216MCA4ALA12FG
QD-FX-350MT-N-A3 G84-600-A2 215-0752001 216MSA4ALA12FG
QD-FX-350M-N-A3 G84-284-A2 215-0752007 216TQA6AVA12GG
GF-7200GS-N-A3 G84-280-A2 215-0674058 216MQA6AVA12FG
GF-7300GS-N-A3 G84-400-A2 218-0660017 216LQA6AVA12FG
GF-7200GS-N-B1 G84-403-A2 218S7EBLA12FG 216EVA6CVA12FG
G98-304-U2 G84-53-A2 BD82HM55 SLGWN NH82801HBM SLA5Q
G98-309-U2 G84-52-A2 BD82HM55 SLGZS NH82801HBM SLB9A
G98-409-U2 G73-N-B1 BD82HM65 SLJ4P NH82801HEM SLA5R
G98-419-U2 G73-NT-B1 BD82HM65 SLH9D NH82801HEM SLB9B
G98-600-U2 G73-H-N-B1 BD82HM67 SLJ4N NH82801HB
G98-605-U2 G73-GT-H-N-B1 BD82HM77 SLJ8C NH82801HR
G98-645-U2 G73-VZ-H-N-B1 BD82HM76 SLJ8E NH82801HH
G98-630-U2 G73-N-A2 BD82HM75 SLJ8F NH82801GBM SL8YB
G98-920-U2 G73-GT-N-A2 BD82HM70 SJTNV NH82801GDH SL8UK
G98-921-U2 G73-VZA-N-A2 BD82QM67 SLJ4M FW82801DB
G98-650-U2 GF-GO7600T-H-N-B1 BD82QM77 SLJ8A FW82801DBM
G98-640-U2 GF-GO7600-H-N-B1 BD82NM70 ALJTA FW82801CAM
N10M-GE1-S GF-GO7600T-N-B1 216-0772000 FW82801CA
N10M-GE2-S GF-GO7600-N-B1 216-0772003 G96-630-A1
GF-GO7400T-B-N-A3 GF-GO7600-SE-N-B1 216-0809000 G96-600-A1
GF-GO7400-B-N-A3 GF-GO7600T-N-A2 216-0728014 G96-750-A1
GF-GO7300T-B-N-A3 GF-GO7600-N-A2 216-0833000 G96-975-A1
GF-GO7300-B-N-A3 GF-GO7600T-H-N-A2 216-0833002 G96-632-C1
GF-GO7200-B-N-A3 GF-GO7600-H-N-A2 216-0810005 G96-600-C1
GF-7300LE-B-N-A3 GF-GO6200-N-A2 215-0719045 G96-650-C1
GF-7200LE-B-N-A3 GF-GO6600-N-A4 216-0729051 G96-635-C1
G86-771-A2 GF-GO6200-A2 216-0729042 IXP460
G86-770-A2 GF-GO6600-A4 215-0719090 SB460
G86-751-A2 MCP67MV-A2 216-0810001 218S4RBSA12G

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